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Water Lilies.

Taken during a visit to a nature preservation in New York state.

Photo by Joanna.

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There are rainbows through my wet eyelashes
And I feel his lungs shuddering
As all around the bugs hum and the grass sways
You’re under your tree, under flowers, under the earth
We’re still above
I watched your eyes as you went away
You were watching the distance
It was peaceful I think
In the…

This is such a nice dedication to darling Night the kitty. She was a sweet, fragile little lady.

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i met a baby bird once and i fell in love

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Fairy ring

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Uncommon Beauty (Common Grackle) by Susan Rose

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Will Sampson as Jacob Umilak, in Orca the Killer Whale (1977).

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Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

He’ll smell of wet leaves when we blend.

Fine trace of lace and lily stem.

Of clumps of clay and pressed Wild Pink;

Droplets of cloud-colored ink.

He’ll recreate the meaning of

A taste of death;

The scent of love.

Like silver slivers of a dream,

He’ll stir in me a shade unseen.

He’ll feel like branches, mica stone.

Like cold, cobwebbed canary bones,

And windswept feathers sometime lost,

Rotting ‘neath moth-eaten moss.

The true fixation of my soul —

To haunt a ghost

Without control.

He’ll smell of a wildflower field.

I’ll breath him in; I will be healed.

- Amy Strom

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