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I’m sorry but… I was on the internet and don’t you see some Destiel birds there ?

"Cas, we talked about this… Personnal space.
- But I’m “wooing” you Dean. If that is still the term ?!”




  Yarn flower…
Effloresce in the story garden.
Shrivel when your covers run parallel.
Tell us over again when you’re opened,
         of spring,
when the ink river dribbled black for miles.
This bountiful morpheme harvest,
for your hundred-some wings to hold,
should be pollinated, transplanted,reaped, over and again.

- Amy Strom (2013 Wingedmind).

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Marimo - Reclaimed Light Bulb Aquarium with Living Moss Ball

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Icy Cold Water by p medved on Flickr.




What a wonderful day today! Mom felt bad that all the other torties got to enjoy spring so she took me to a place where it’s always spring. The greenhouse! I would like to say all these pansies made it out alive but that would be a lie.

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Water Lilies.

Taken during a visit to a nature preservation in New York state.

Photo by Joanna.

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