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Fallen (by nicholsphotos)
Day Four: Hiking through old-growth forest on the north side of Douglas Island. This is the largest undisturbed old-growth forest in North America.

The Tree

For years I stood there waiting
In my predetermined place
For what I’ve no idea
Evidence left not a trace
The forest floor grew moldy
The seasons went and came
And life grew stale and boring
In that predetermined game
The butterflies were morphing
The moon eclipsed the sun
And pathways spread before me
But still I couldn’t run
I closed my eyes to exits
‘Til they closed themselves to me
Remaining closed my windpipe off
Until I couldn’t breathe
And yet so long I lingered
For the stifling fear of change
Beginnings of their own took shape
Of manner awfully strange
I stood still for so long a time
My feet were rooted there
And branches sprouted from my arms
And leaves burst from my hair
My body turned into a trunk
Sap where blood used to be
Only my rings could tell you now
How long I’ve been a tree
Perhaps the day will come along
When they will level me
The girl who didn’t want to stay
But couldn’t bear to leave

- Amy Strom, (2012).


Lantana camara (Mai Po, Hong Kong)

Abandoned cottage in Iceland


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"Springtime Park" by Amy Strom.

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* This piece is my own original work. Amy Strom, 2014 (Aestrom Artwork).






i’m so in love with this. i can’t even. ah. my favourite feeling in the world is putting your head beneath the water and entering an entirely different place, so peaceful, so quiet. what i miss more than anything when i’m living away from the ocean is being able to duck under and leave all my worries on the surface.

This is extraordinary

ugh I literally miss scuba diving so much

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"Disappear" by Amy Strom.

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* This painting is my own original work. Amy Strom, 2014 (Aestrom Artwork).


Orchid Mantis

this bug is prettier than me

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"Waterfall Scene" by Amy Strom.

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* This painting is my own original work. Amy Strom, 2014 (Aestrom Artwork). 


Anne Ten Donkelaar: Broken butterflies repaired with new wings and bodies. (2011)

  • "Blauwe spinner". The body of this butterfly is made of thread
  • "De draadspanner". A construction of a butterfly wing with thread and pins 
  • "Medusozoa". The antennas form the parachute and the body forms a propeller 
  • "Zwart vlek vlinder". With two upper embroidered wings 
  • "Goudraffeltje". The broken butterfly wings are fixed with gold leaf

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"The Turquoise Door" by Amy Strom.

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* This painting is my own original work. Amy Strom, 2014 (Aestrom Artwork).